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Eat Pie

Why pie? Because it’s delicious! Just like life it can be savory or sweet or both at the same time. I’ve crafted an assortment of hand pies which are small pastries with a buttercrust and filled with delicious seasonal ingredients. They are the perfect size to eat with your hand and just enough to satisfy that craving for something yummy and comforting. It’s a pleasing container that holds a delectable surprise. -I like to think that’s how we are in our human experience too.

Ready to eat some delicious food? Contact me to order your custom pies for your next event: ORDER PIE

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The path of feeding others…

My name is Jane Mayer and I live in Phoenix, Arizona where I was born and raised. I moved to NYC after college and became a commercial television producer in advertising. It was a 10-year journey of awesome success that provided a lifetime of personal growth.

When I started a family, I moved back to Phoenix to be close to loved ones while raising my boys. I became a yoga teacher, trained others to become teachers, wrote curriculum for programs, and owned and operated wellness centers.

Now, a culinary school graduate, I use everything I’ve learned and experienced to feed and nourish people on all levels by sharing Sweet Jane with any Sweetie interested in exploring the Sweet Side of Life. SAVOR delicious food and drink. VIEW videos where we bake pies and discuss ways to feel nourished. EXPERIENCE feeling well by moving and meditating. NOURISH your soul by helping feed others as we attend tasting events. COMMUNICATE by voicing your own message of how you find nourishment in your own life. I'm putting it all together on a "silver platter" and sharing with the world. Join me!

xoxo, Jane